Saturday, April 13, 2013

boredom becomes him

the disadvantage of being fast: having nothing else to do. well, of course, i could do even more than im supposed to do but that would amount to nothing because in this corner of corporate hell, twice the effort has the same value as half of it. and so, here i am, watching the network icon blink on the system tray, making right-click squares on the desktop and wishing for one of my coworkers to self combust as i succumb to the slow and painful death by boredom.

there's this thing on reddit about people you hate hanging out with. one guy says he doesn't like people who have the same interests he has but can do them better. i actually hate even more the opposite of that, people who are into the same things you're into but you know you can do better. especially when you know they're into it only for fad's sake and/or because they have money. i hate even more those people who say, just follow your dreams. fuck you. i cannot "just do it". i cannot just get out of this chair, teleport to abs-cbn and start pitching shows and movies to the guard on duty (because that's as far as i'm gonna get). nike's slogan does not work in a country where you're not worth a peep if you do not have a famous relative, a powerful backer, or lots and lots of money.

no one takes risks on a nobody, no matter how great you are. the reason? ever watched reality talent shows where someone acts like they're the best there is and then turn out to be a total moron? the people in charge do not want to waste time on people like that. so they just won't give you any attention for personal claims of superiority alone. which sucks for those who really are as great as they would claim to be.

i dont think i'm that awesome. but i believe i have awesome ideas that studio execs need to hear. and i always have internal apocalypse whenever i see the crappiest of crap get funded and then fail to make a profit.

i am so bored.

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