Monday, March 25, 2013

short story: ?

i know i said i'd be making alphabetical posts but i just had a dream where i was told to write a short story. i wrote it on a little notebook while trying to find a place to sit down. i immediately woke up the moment i finished it and so i thought i had to type it up (which i now think is a mistake because i should have waited for my dream self to come up with a title for it). this is, as far as i remember, exactly what i wrote in my dream:

I could be naked right now and it wouldn't cause a stir for I am surrounded by robots. They look human but they soldier on through this torturous job without a complaint every single day so they must be mechanical. I listen to the cacophony of keyboards a-clicking/pounding and think to myself: I am in hell.

I walk to my car. I open the door and I see from the corner of my eye something small run behind the car. I go and look but there's nothing there. I see something on the ground, a short line of black dots. I bend down to check closer... and almost fall backwards when I found out what they really are: shoe prints.

I hear it laugh the tiniest laugh I have ever heard. I turn and catch a glimpse of it climbing into the tailpipe. I peer into the tailpipe and could see the outline of the small man, just sitting there, laughing at me, taunting me. I quickly jump into the car, turn the ignition on and rev the engine. I keep kicking the pedal until I could barely see through the black smoke. I turn the engine off and hurry to the back of my car.

I hear it coughing and wheezing inside the tailpipe. The small man crawls out and falls to the ground. I pick him up and see a one-inch version of me dying in my palm.

I am in hell.

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