Saturday, January 19, 2013

a blog challenge

so i dreamt i was back in high school... again. the quirk this time is i had my young high school body. i know this because i saw myself in a mirror. i looked at a mirror because we were supposed to present something in costume. and for some reason, mine was the phantom of the opera. so i saw my high school self putting on the white mask in front of a mirror.

anyhow, in the classroom we were told to present alphabetically. that's when i thought of a cure for this blog's content drought: alphabetically topicked posts! dont know if anyone has done this but im going to attempt it anyway for the sake of my make-believe avid readers.

p.s. storytime! back in real life high school, during a foundation celebration, i got caught in one of those stupid jail booths. the deal was i had to stay in their makeshift cell for 30 minutes or choose one of two bail options: a) pay 10 bucks, or b) recite the alphabet backwards. unbeknownst to them, a) i was a cheapskate, and b) i could actually sing the alphabet song in reverse. i did so and nonchalantly left them perplexed. which was, in retrospect, badass and lame at the same time.

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michymichymoo said...

Apparently, I didn't experience those school fair things. :) We do serious activities like Business Week instead. :P